Corporate Social Investment

Corporate Social Responsibility forms part of our main strategic pillars as an organization. ZCDC holds in high regard, the balance between, community, nation and corporate stakeholder interests in the execution of its business.

ZCDC has implemented the following projects:

  • ZCDC recently renovated a science laboratory block at Gandauta Secondary School and donated 30 computers in line with the Government ‘s thrust of technological capacity building from grass roots levels.
  • ZCDC erected 128 tombstones at Chitangazuva burial site as well as fencing the area.
  • 61% of ZCDC’s workforce is drawn from Manicaland.
  • ZCDC is rehabilitating roads as part of its infrastructure development programmes to improve accessibility.
  • Sponsorship programs for local students are being rolled out to assist the underprivileged with school fees and related educational assistance.
  • ZCDC has also provided a solar system for the clinic as well as drugs to assist the local community with free healthcare services.

ZCDC is undertaking the following projects earmarked at benefiting the local community:

  • Water Pipeline Greenbelt Irrigation Project: ZCDC is working on funding horticultural projects along a 20 Km water pipe line for villagers to do market gardening projects. ZCDC will also provide value chain support by providing a market for agricultural produce produced by the local community.
  • The Company will also fund and develop Bee Keeping Projects as such projects are compatible with the region.
  • Livestock farming projects like cattle ranching, goat and sheep rearing projects as well as poultry will also funded and supported under the farming projects initiative. the projects will receive full value chain support from production to markets.
  • Infrastructure which was left by former miners will be reclaimed and used for skills development projects. Work is underway to set up a vocational training centre and a sewing factory at one of the erected brick and mota buildings left desolate by former miners.

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