Mine Planning and Design

  • The mine planning and design function involves the process of converting resources into reserves which are economically viable to mine
  • The mine design and planning makes use of modern mining technologies and softwares including whittle, Surpac and Minesched. These are used to develop optimised mining production plans and schedules for short, medium and long term plans

Alluvial Mining

  • Alluvial diamond mining involves the use of mining equipment; excavators/shovels and trucks to perform loading and hauling to screening units
  • Alluvial diamond deposits occur as lag material with minimal waste or as deep seated gravels with generally significant waste stripping.

Conglomerate Mining

  • Conglomerate deposits are hard rock and therefore follows a more involving mining cycle; drilling, charging, blasting, loading and hauling
  • Drilling and blasting activities is done using high production drill rigs and blasting methods
  • Hard rock loading and hauling is done using excavators and mining trucks

Mining Method

  • Currently ZCDC is employing the open pit mining method which includes strip mining and backfilling of the mined out areas. Conceptual studies for underground operations are also under consideration for deeper deposits