• The screening process is done for both alluvial and conglomerate.
  • Alluvial screening is done to remove excessive fines content and oversize material. The resultant product is alluvial diamond concentrate with required particle sizes
  • Conglomerate screening is done to remove fines and oversize material. The screens are part of the crushing and screening circuit.


  • Conglomerate diamond ore is reduced to desirable particle sizes using heavy duty primary, secondary and tertiary crushers.
  • The crushing and screening circuits for conglomerate are either open or closed to ensure optimised processing

Scrubber Process

  • Alluvial and conglomerate ore is scrubbed after screening and crushing. The scrubbing process further removes unwanted fines content as well as cleaning the ore for XRT and DMS processes


  • The XRT (X-Ray Technology) is used to concentrate product from the scrubber process. The XRT separates diamond bearing material from non-diamond material. This is high technology which uses the carbon properties of diamonds


  • The Dense Media Separation (DMS) process uses the density properties of material to separate diamond and non-diamond bearing material