Safety, Health & Environment





Mineral resources are finite and cannot be replaced once mined out, ZCDC attaches significance to the principles of responsible and sustainable mining that promotes environmental rehabilitation to promote economic activity from other sectors after mining.

As ZCDC, our SHEQ vision is Zero Harm.

that is;

  • Zero Property Damage,
  • Zero Occupational Illnesses,
  • Zero Injuries and
  • Zero Environmental Contamination and degradation

Since inception, ZCDC has not recorded a fatality nor serious or disabling injury. We are ISO certified as part of our vision to become a World Class mining operation.

ZCDC is committed to the protection and promotion of the environment, safety and human health and welfare of its employees, community and stakeholders.

ZCDC Current Rehabilitation Activities

ZCDC is conducting Post Environmental Rehabilitation Agriculture projects (PERA): in which ZCDC will sponsor agricultural projects on rehabilitated land in keeping with its environmentally friendly mining model.

ZCDC is undertaking progressive rehabilitation in mined out areas and the following activities are currently being implemented

  • Tree plantation projects spearheaded by ZCDC’s plant a tree campaign under its Safety health and Environment policy
  • Borehole drilling and rehabilitation programs to support local agriculture and provide clean water supply to the local community.
  • Backfilling mined out pits and gullies left open by previous miners
  • Spreading of waste stockpiles left behind by previous operators
  • Soil profiling using waste rock, tailings and stockpiled topsoil.
  • Creating partnerships with locals on nursery projects for use during the re-vegetation of the mined out areas.
  • Working with the Environmental Management Agency on the progressive rehabilitation project
  • Mined out pits will be converted into fisheries and other aqua culture projects which will support the local community and create economic activity that will be sustained long after mining activities.

Reclaimed mined out areas will also be reserved for wildlife facilities such as game parks. In other countries the land surrounding the diamond mines is used for wildlife recreational facilities. ZCDC intends to explore alternative recreational land use in keeping with its sustainable mining model. Recreational facilities will bring income and economic activity to the local community from tourism and other sectors.