Our Strategy 2020-2023

Executive Summary

  • As ZCDC moves towards its vision to be “A World Class Diamond Producer”, a strategy for 2020 – 2023 has been set considering the current performance of the company and changes in the operating environment.
  • In line with this, ZCDC is expected to play a major role in contributing towards the Government of Zimbabwe’s target of “A Sustainable US$12 Billion Mining Industry by 2023” where the diamond industry is expected to contribute US$1 billion.
  • This goal will be achieved through ZCDC’s key strategic pillars of Operational Excellence, Human Capital Management and Development, Supply Chain Management, Protection and Surveillance, Finance and Asset Management, Safety-Health-Environment- Quality-Risk and Marketing & Sales and Public Relations and Community Development.

ZCDC Strategic Foundations (Vision , Mission , Values)

ZCDC’s strategic foundations are informed by the Corporate Strategy.

ZCDC Strategic Pillars (FY2020 – 2023)

  • In line with the 2023 diamond mining sector target and ZCDC’s vision,  eight key strategic pillars have been identified as the main drivers for moving the company towards the attainment of its goals.

Strategic Context: ZCDC Business Model Canvas Moving Forward

  • The ZCDC business model moving forward has been defined with additions to the model underlined.


ZCDC has one customer segment that it serves who buy  diamonds locally and internationally through MMCZ.

Value to this customer is realised through contributing towards the fiscus in foreign currency earnings remitted to the Central Bank, contributing to community development through CSR projects, contributing to the achievement of the USD 12bln target, creation of shareholder value and employment creation. This proposition is delivered via various channels including MMCZ, corporate website, Chamber of Mines, ZIDA and stakeholder diamond Indaba. This  is done mainly through restricted / exclusive relationship with MMCZ.

Key activities to support the value proposition include mining of diamonds, exploration, corporate social responsibility in mining area, lobbying authorities on issues surrounding diamond mining policy, researching on international diamond  market trends , human capital management ,sorting, valuation and financial management.

Partnerships are critical for the success of the business hence the key partners are MMCZ, Government of Zimbabwe , Ministry of Mines & Mining Development, JV Partners, Suppliers of goods and services, RBZ , Regulatory bodies, Communities, Chamber of Mines , Trade Unions , MFFU and buyers. The resources required include finance, staff , material e.g. infrastructure, motor vehicles, equipment, multiple systems, diamond resource, SGs/ licenses, and shareholder support.

Value will need to be captured by ensuring that the costs incurred in the areas of production, administration , finance and tax costs are offset by revenues from sales by MMCZ.

Going forward, the relationship will be guided by a collaborative relationship between ZCDC and MMCZ with a ZCDC Marketing Executive working closely with MMCZ