Operations Overview

  • ZCDC operations involve the exploration, mining, processing and recovery of  diamond.
  • The operations portfolio consists of 8 mining concessions  of which 3 are operating and 5 are under resource evaluation.
  • The diamond product mix includes gem, near gem and boart.
  • Currently extensive exploration is underway to improve on the resource base knowledge and allow for extended life of mine.

Mining Value Chain




Prospecting is the first stage of the geological analysis which subsequently leads to exploration mining and processing and recovery. It is the physical search for minerals to confirm the existence of minerals in a particular place. when ZCDC confirms the availability of minerals it then moves to the next stage of defining the content of the resource, its quality, quantity and other geotechnical characteristics.  Currently, we are in five regions at advanced feasibility stages. Prospecting is the corner stone of discovering new resources and is in line with ZCDC’s mining growth and sustainability pillar under the Diamond Mining Business Model ( DMBM).




2.Exploration and Evaluation


Mineral exploration entails finding ore or mineral deposits in commercially viable concentrations. A realistic estimation on the volume of mineral deposits is very important because mining is a capital intensive operation. Our Mineral Resource Evaluation Department is our confidence building compass which guides our mining operations.






3. Feasibility


Advanced Business optimization and sensitivity analysis is carried out to appraise the mining project and get justification for investment. Key parameters such as Return on Investment (ROI), Net Present Value (NPV), Internal Rate of Return (IRR), Simple and Discounted Payback (S/DPB) among other parameters are key in this process.
Once Feasibility is established mine planning and design is carried out to inform the mining method. Investment in capacity is made across the value chain from mining right through to processing and marketing.  this is in line with our values of creating and maximizing shareholder value.



4. Mining

Our Mining process entails the actual extraction of diamondiferous ore from the earth, this may be from lose gravels (alluvial deposits) or a host rock (conglomerate or Kimberlite deposits). ZCDC has made significant investment in Earth Moving Vehicles (EMVs). These deposits form a mineralized package that is of economic interest to the miner. Our mining model is guided by our geology department which gives resource evaluation information to guide the mining plan. Nothing moves without mining and without mining, nothing moves. Once we find the right location and right deposits, we move right on in. We have 100% commitment. Total transparency.  Yet for rough stones, the journey is far from over.


5. Processing and Recovery


Our processing and recovery process is made up of world class technology which incorporates modern recovery systems that preserve the diamond s’ value in line with our Diamond Value management policy. We understand that the value of our precious stones is also dependent on the recovery processes we use. Our research and development department works tirelessly to improve the recovery process to ensure processing and recovery efficiency that rivals world standards in the industry. ZCDC has invested in a Mega Diamond Recovery system to recover large diamonds and minimize the possibility of breaking a them through crushing.




6. Cleaning


In order to reveal the special and unique qualities of our gems we clean them to remove the dirt through a series of processes.  ZCDC continues to invest in downstream processes as part of its Diamond Value Management (DVM) strategy, bearing in mind that the true qualities of the gem require specialized processes to reveal and unlock the true value of our unique diamonds with rich history. through research and development, we continue to upgrade our facilities to match international best standards.

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