Antwerp’s diamond industry remains operational

As restrictions to combat a second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic tighten in countries across the globe, Antwerp continues to be operational, a communication from the Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC) which was sent to the local trade community states.

Last Sunday, Belgium’s Federal government, following other countries across the globe, announced new measures to flatten the curve, but business operations in Antwerp’s famous diamond square mile can continue, including at the Diamond Office, where all diamond imports and exports pass through.

“The diamond community in Antwerp has shown tremendous discipline in observing all measures to do business in a safe manner, in the offices and tender facilities. This has allowed us to keep the engines running and overcome the challenges of the COVID pandemic much more efficiently.”, Ari Epstein, AWDC CEO commented. In the past months, the diamond trade, particularly in Antwerp has improved significantly and with more than 10 rough tenders scheduled for the next weeks, the trade centre is doing everything to continue on that trend. –